Hot Corners V2.2.2.0, With a CLICK!


Oct 28, 2012
I've been playing a lot with Windows 8 Recently and decided that I love the way the taskbar looks without the Start Orb, but I still love the start menu. So, I went back to my Windows 7 desktop and started playing around with a few applications to get this effect. So far I'm able to replicate it using 2 lite applications. HotCorners 2 to launch the start menu and StartKiller to eliminate the orb.

There is one change that would make everything great. I want to launch the start menu using a hot corner, but with a click! I want the corner to passive unless I click in the designated area that is usually hot. Problem is, I'm not a programmer. The applications features can be configured, enabled, and disabled by right clicking on the taskbar icon.

Is anyone in this community able to add this feature to the application? The program is open source. The application file can be found here:

The source file can be found here:

I've tried contacting the maker but their emails listed on the site are bad.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Nov 28, 2012
There's no source code in that source code ZIP.

Just a compiled help library that was made using:
"Made with Shalom Help Maker"