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  1. D

    My dell laptop goes to sleep mode automatically

    My laptop goes to sleep mode after getting heated.And in the taskbar,disk usage is always 100%.What can be the solution for it?
  2. D

    Task bar and windows start screen not working..

    I cannot access windows settings and task manager . Not even start screen is working . I cannot access notification bar also. But i can access pinned application in the task bar. But some inbuilt apps like photos and groove are not working. Please provide a solution for this. Recently i have...
  3. T

    Random programs opening on my computer

    When i'm on my computer at the corner of my eye i can see a program opening on my taskbar i was wondering what it was and i still dont know what it is but recently someone tried to log into my playstation account so i'm not sure if I've been keylogged or if i have a virus. i have 3 anti virus's...
  4. K

    Youtube Fullscreen Stuttering Problem

    Hi, I have this problem on Microsoft Edge too and for Youtube only. When I press fullscreen button first taskbar goes and after seconds video becomes fullscreen. And when I want to turn normal mode first taskbar comes and after seconds video becomes windowed. I added a video to explain this...
  5. S

    Does high performance or long battery windows 10 taskbar setting make a difference?

    My notebook is on balanced power already, and I manually set these: - No sound - Blue Tooth disconnected - Low level brightness Do also need to set long battery life on taskbar setting or can I leave it on high performance, have you guys noticed if it makes a difference or not? Image is not...
  6. J

    Solved! DPFASTANDCOOLEST Solution needed

    So recently, this started popping up in my notifications... Got no idea what to do with it and how to fix it, and most of the times, whenever it pops up, taskbar crashes and then restarts. Similar thing happens to desktop: All of the icons on it dissapear for a brief moment while returning back...
  7. L

    Windows 10 File Explorer not closing

    While I was using file explorer I was editing photos on it. After I was done editing I wanted to close the tab but it wasn't working. i tried right clicking the app on the taskbar and clicked close window but nothing worked. In fact I couldn't do any action at all. So now the tab is stuck on my...
  8. knanan

    How to Pin Websites to the Taskbar in Windows 10

    One of the most popular features requested by Windows 10 users is the ability to pin websites to the taskbar. Microsoft has listened to customer feedback and has now introduced this feature to Microsoft Edge as of Build 16215 of the Windows Insider Program. Pinning websites to the taskbar allows...
  9. A

    Windows Taskbar Icon

    http:// So I see this icon whenever I start my pc but it disappears almost instantly. Under the taskbar icons settings it is called CONNECT. I'm not sure if it is the same as the connect app for using your phone on your pc, since the logos are different. Can anyone confirm if it is the same or...
  10. O

    Black screen with flickering taskbar?

    After starting up a game on my laptop with a vizio tv as my moniter 2 days ago immediately I got a black screen with part of the taskbar flickering and every time I turn on my laptop it goes straght back to the black screen with flickering taskbar. no windows logo or login I'm clueless.. any...
  11. E

    Taskbar icons blinking while using Chrome

    Hello, Few months ago I've noticed that when I use Chrome to surf internet my taskbar icons blinks from time to time. It's like refreshing. This happens at random times every few minutes. Here is the example of the blinking: https://i.stack.imgur.com/MiDti.gif. As I said, this doesn't happen...
  12. M

    Laptop screen white.

    I have a lenovo yoga 500, when I turned it on it showed a black screen, I typed my password (still black) and it logged in. At first my wallpaper shows suddenly it turns white except for the taskbar, taskbar is fully functional. But when I open a window it's still white, but i could see that...
  13. P

    Windows problem after using old USB stick

    It seems my old usb stick has caused a problem with my windows 10 or so it seems. Two problems that appeared after the first boot since the usb was plugged in... A message pops up when i log into windows saying bad image. Tells me a file called avguix.exe is old or corrupt. The other problem is...
  14. L

    My volume control was on the taskbar, now it's no longer available it moved.

    Volume control is gone on my envy computer.
  15. S

    have taskbar but no icon

    i have taskbar but there no icons
  16. S

    NZXT Cam not appearing onscreen

    Hi, I recently built my first computer and downloaded NZXT cam to control my fans and monitor my PC. After it finished downloading I opened the app and signed in to my account. After that no window opened up so I hovered over it's app icon on the taskbar to see that a window was open, but when...
  17. Z

    unremovable error message every startup

    Hi guys, recently I have made a mistake and accidentally downloaded a virus. This was the worst so far. with chinese browsers keeps popping up and all. All is good now. I've managed to remove most of them thanks to CCleaner, ADWcleaner and malwarebytes anti malware. But I have this annoying...
  18. Z

    Start Taskbar Keeps Popping Up

    I have a Dell Laptop with Windows 8.1 installed, and there is an annoying problem I am having with the Start Taskbar, in that it is set to Auto-hide, but still pops up every couple of minutes. :pt1cable:I have not for the life of me been able to figure out what is making this happen, but I...
  19. S

    Windows 10 Explorer Restarting Constantly, Solution please!!!

    my taskbar keeps restarting constantly after every certain time. how to solve this problem?? thanks in advance.
  20. H

    Unidentified "start the game" green arrow icon on taskbar; can't close, can't identify.

    This taskbar icon has appeared some time ago out of the blue. When I either left-click or right-click the icon... ... this window appears. I can't do anything with it. Clicking the window does nothing. I can't identify the app from the task manager as there seem to be no apps that seem...
  21. R

    Torrent: Black Screen w/ Cursor: Can't finish new downloads.

    Ever since about a day or 2 ago when I tried to torrent Sony Vegas, this happens. First I tried to delete the Sony Vegas because it wouldn't work, because my anti virus deleted the program that let it run, the when I went to delete the program my screen when black and then I tried to restart...
  22. C

    Toshiba Satellite L50-B-1N8

    This comp. will start and load the desktop and all of the items on the taskbar then sits and will not do anything,it even shows the correct time! I have tried loading from the rescue disc but no joy, any ideas?
  23. L

    Need help fixing hardware/software problems after virus scan was performed

    Taskeng.exe started randomly popping up on the taskbar about a month ago and my laptop was running extremely slow. I downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and scanned. It quarantined several files, etc. Ever since then I am getting an Installation Error popup for Amazon Cloud upon startup...
  24. I

    PC says connected to the internet, But no internet

    My pc says that it has internet connection (taskbar, settings says so) but when I try to use the internet nothing works and i just get the "can not connect". My pc does have a virus and I am in the middle of trying to work that out. Any advice would help, Thank you
  25. A

    Laptop screen gone haywire.

    For some unknown reason, there has suddenly appeared a one inch wide black band down the right hand side of my laptop screen and the taskbar at the bottom has almost disappeared off screen. is this something I have done or is it a sign that something more serious is happening please?
  26. bull22

    Trying to figure out what this random icon in my taskbar is?!?

    Hi all, I make sure to keep my PC protected with the minimal MSE and scan every once in a while, don't access any malicious sites and that has kept me malware free for years. Something odd is happening, I'm getting a random 'X' icon on my taskbar that I have no idea what it is. It goes away as...
  27. V

    Bitdefender Providing Scary/Confusing Results

    So I'm using Bitdefender Antivirus Free, and lately it's been saying some funny things - after I run a full scan and the taskbar pop-up tells me it's finished, it says "Scan finished, 41 infected items found" (or something to that effect, but *always* 41 items) checking the results gives this...
  28. S

    How to remove Folders from This PC Toolbar placed in Windows 8.1 Taskbar

    Hi, By adding 'This PC' toolbar in Windows 8.1 Taskbar it pins additional Folders like Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures etc. Is there any way to remove them?
  29. D

    Is this a virus

    My computer restarted itself today. Upon restart my taskbar had changed colors, and my program startisback no longer worked. Also evrytime my pc starts it opens up a website that is a white background with red english and chinese letters that say domain is blocked.
  30. N

    Why won't programs pin to my taskbar?

    Hi, I have a problem- programs will not pin to the task bar. Unlike most threads, this problem is not just a hesitant program. It is every program. I use this laptop for YouTube, so it helps to have quick access to applications. Here is the non-sugar-coated form of the problem: I turned on my...
  31. L

    Where is ASUS smart gesture?

    I will preface this by saying I know very little about computers so please be clear and precise with directions I have an ASUS notebook. It came to us installed with Windows 8. Without warning or reason, I cannot swipe the side of my keypad to move between apps like I normally do. From what I...
  32. R

    Vista My taskbar dissapeared and will not reappear not matter what I try

    My taskbar will not display on my screen not matter what I try. I am running Windows Vista. I have two profiles on my laptop. My wife's and mine. When I switch to my wife's profile, the taskbar displays just fine. I go into my control panel to Appearances and go to Taskbar Settings. I click it...
  33. tmontney

    List of known web browser toolbars?

    I am looking for a list of known toolbars that install in a web browser. This is the good and the bad toolbars.The sites I have found claim to have a list of toolbars, but they're out of date that I get a 404.
  34. MamuMogambo

    What is this application running in my taskbar?

    It's a little K icon. Link Right clicking it gives me an option for settings. This is what I get when I click on settings: Link
  35. D

    App to minimizing open windows to desktop instead of taskbar for Win7?

    There is an app called MiniMize for XP, it minimizes open windows to desktop as thumbnails (instead of taskbar), like that: http://cloud.addictivetips.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/desktop2.jpg Do you know anything similar to Windows 7 x64?
  36. K

    No Physical Volume Control Wheel

    Hi Folks, I have recently purchased a Sony SVE1513H1EW notebook and it has no actual volume wheel, i am left only with the volume icon in the taskbar and Fn with F2 & 3. I am running Windows 8.1 64bit Is there a product out there that maybe connected via USB and just sat on the top of my...
  37. O

    windows 7 taskbar appears during Full screen !!!

    hi all when I make youtube full screen or movies or games, the taskbar keep appearing like this image how to solve this ? thanks
  38. A

    Wanting to change my Taskbar

    Hello guys and gals I am tying to change my task bar to a custom taskbar but without 3rd party applications. I want to make it permenant so that it does not lag me so much. Is this possible?
  39. N

    CPU/GPU/HDD temperature monitor for taskbar

    So I recently built my first computer (yay! :D) and I am concerned with keeping the temperature of everything in check. Do you guys know of any software that will monitor my CPU, GPU, and HDD temp and will also be able to be pinned to the taskbar of windows 7 (64 bit)? I've tried several and...
  40. viveknayyar007

    I Don’t Want Orbit Downloader Icon to Be Displayed in the Taskbar

    When the Orbit Downloader’s main window is opened and is displayed on the computer screen, you are able to view its icon in the taskbar. Because the icon is displayed in the taskbar, you can know that the program is active and running. The icon of the Orbit Downloader program remains in the...
  41. viveknayyar007

    I Do Not Want Camtasia Recorder to Be Displayed in the Taskbar While Recording

    While preparing educational videos using Camtasia program, it is obvious that you would initialize the Camtasia Recorder in order to capture the actions and events that you perform on the computer screen. In order to provide the maximum available room for the applications and windows that you...
  42. M

    AMD Catalyst Control Center launching problems

    After my PC short circuited from water damage and I had to replace all the hardware inside Ive noticed problems with the application "AMD Catalyst Control Center". Whenever I try and open it from the right click drop down menu or the taskbar the window appears for a second or two and then just...
  43. C

    Start button, taskbar and icons missing

    Only the background is showing, everything else is gone. I tried ctrl+alt+ del but it won't pop up, nothing pops up and I have no idea what to do. Please help!
  44. L

    Re inverted desktop

    I tried to unlock the taskbar and drag it I also try Alt+Rtrl+Arrow but i doesnt work, please help me fix my desktop. thank you in advance
  45. T

    icons not showing

    hi guys, my battery icon does not appear on my taskbar or where the hidden icons are. i followed everything the internet told me to do such as go into notification area and clicked show icon but still no lck at all...help please
  46. S

    Acer Aspire 3 - 391 Battery icon shows message

    My battery icon is missing in my notification taskbar. I am unable to know when my battery is gonna dead so help me please nd its windows 8 os..
  47. D

    Start button, Taskbar and Desktop icons missing

    when I open my laptop all desktop icons,taskbar and start menu are missing, In command I typed sfc/scannow - no solutions, Please help.
  48. superman1370

    ASUS Ai charger issues

    Hi, I own a asus maximus iv extreme z, and recently installed Asus Ai charger, but the issue is after I installed it and restarted, it does not charge faster, rather the same speed as before, when I look on the taskbar of the Ai charger icon there is a red cross on it. I recon that means its not...
  49. superman1370

    ASUS Ai Charger issue

    Hi, I own a asus maximus iv extreme z, and recently installed Asus Ai charger, but the issue is after I installed it and restarted, it does not charge faster, rather the same speed as before, when I look on the taskbar of the Ai charger icon there is a red cross on it. I recon that means its not...
  50. R

    Bluetooth not shown on taskbar

    I have a ASUS laptop in which I can not see blutooth on my laptop taskbar can you help me to run it
  51. B

    Hot Corners V2.2.2.0, With a CLICK!

    I've been playing a lot with Windows 8 Recently and decided that I love the way the taskbar looks without the Start Orb, but I still love the start menu. So, I went back to my Windows 7 desktop and started playing around with a few applications to get this effect. So far I'm able to replicate it...
  52. L

    Unlocking taskbar on Windows XP

    Hello, The locking line is cloudy where you unlock the task bar and will not unlock.
  53. M

    Can You Identify this icon?

    Minimized on the taskbar, not the chrome icon, but the one on the right. Im just not sure what it is.... Thanks!
  54. G

    Windows 7 taskbar missing

    My bottom task bar is there when computer opens, but when I go to a program say Gmail it dissapears and lines of text go continue to bottom of screen. Please help
  55. M

    Battery life display in taskbar not showing

    Hello, how can i show my battery life in my icon or taskbar in my asus laptop
  56. S

    Bluetooth icon is not shown on taskbar

  57. S

    Bluetooth not shown on taskbar

    Hello, i have a laptop of dell(studio) when i press the bluetooth buttom i.e f2 the bluetooth is getting on but the icon is not shown on the taskbar. but previously it was coming, one day i pressed hide the icon from that day it is not coming.please help me.
  58. G

    What is the screen resolution for a 17 5 laptop ?

    What should the resolution be on a 17.5'' laptop. Have lost the start menu, as well as the taskbar at the bottom, and thought that maybe the resolution is not right, and not showing the taskbar and start menu. Thank-you Leonna
  59. A

    Solved! Why the taskbar fluctuating?

    why the taskbar fluctuating?
  60. C

    Screen display problem

    My laptop does not display the screen up to the taskbar area, it does not show the taskbar at all. Whn i boot, the first boot screen (loading windiws) shows well. but as soon as it shows the startup light blue screen, the word bottom seem elongated that th screen. please see the attached. i...