Bitdefender Providing Scary/Confusing Results


Mar 13, 2015
So I'm using Bitdefender Antivirus Free, and lately it's been saying some funny things - after I run a full scan and the taskbar pop-up tells me it's finished, it says "Scan finished, 41 infected items found" (or something to that effect, but *always* 41 items) checking the results gives this:

"Files scanned: 716143
Infected items detected: 2610
Files known to be clean: 69358"

HOWEVER, it also says,

"Scan Results

No infected items have been found."

on the exact same scan report. Ran MBAM, that found nothing, I have no third AV program because I want to avoid program conflicts where I can.

I really should mention, my hard drive recently died and needed to be cloned - time was of the essence and the cloned drive I took (and am now using) was a used drive from a local repair shop. It was the only drive available at short notice - I literally did the clone at about 2AM, (a friend of mine owns the place and was up late) And these weird results only occured *after* the clone. My understanding is that the drive would have to be wiped to be cloned though, so I don't know how relevant that truly is.

So far no glaring performance issues, it's been about two days since I cloned and began noticing the weird results (I manually run Bitdefender every few days)