Apr 20, 2015
Hi, I have a problem- programs will not pin to the task bar. Unlike most threads, this problem is not just a hesitant program. It is every program. I use this laptop for YouTube, so it helps to have quick access to applications. Here is the non-sugar-coated form of the problem:

I turned on my computer on in the morning, after a long night of gaming the night before. When I log on, I noticed that none of the programs I previously had pinned were there. I tried to re-pin them, and it would not work. My computer:

Windows 7 home premium
Intel Core i7 2670-QM 2nd generation quad core processor
6gb DDR2 ram
GT540M Dedicated Nvidia graphics card

My laptop model is an ASUS K53SV

I also tried to move some old videos to the rubbish bin, and they never made it there (I right-clicked, pressed delete, then went to the bin and they weren't there)

I do not know what is with my computer. Things have been off with it lately. Virus? Malware? I do not know. I am relatively knowledgeable about computers, but cannot find the answer. My question: how do I fix this, and if there is an answer to the rubbish bin issue, or if it is related, then all I am looking for is a solution. Thanks for your time :)


Did you right click on the task bar and make sure it's not locked? Videos can often be to big for the Recycle bin - sometimes it will even tell you so, other times it doesn't, if doing multiple videos, some may hit the bin others might not