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  1. moonfang158

    Do I uninstall Pokki?

    It doesn't appear in my Programs and Features, and I can find it under my files for local but when I click the uninstall application in the folder it says "Uninstalling pokki will uninstall windows start menu". So should I uninstall it or no? It also uses 100% of my disk sometimes.
  2. Y

    Mutiple problems, Start menu not working etc etc.

    Multiple problems are detected, screen, display screen are out of range, stretched screen, too slow boot time, start menu not working, and many problems
  3. E

    Windows 10 > Start Menu > Folders

    How. New to Windows 10. I figured out how to reduce the width of it by unpinning every single thing Microsoft thought users would be interested in. But now I'm at the stage where the Start Menu is ridiculous. It used to be you could create a folder in the Start Menu, then move programs into...
  4. S

    Laptop Problem :(

    The issue started this morning where the laptop would as normal and then I'd properly shut it down using the Start menu. As soon as I get to school the laptop WILL NOT BOOT. The fans would run and the lights would flicker but there would be a black screen and nothing more. Only the Lightblub and...
  5. P

    My Toshiba satellite laptop will not load any pages I cannot open my start menu Internet none of my icons on my desktop. Can y

    My to Shiba satellite laptop will not open any pages. It will not open the Internet it will not open the start menu I cannot restart it. None of the desktop icons will open up nothing is happening. Can you help me please
  6. M

    I found a file named yam.exe in my processes

    Earlier today I noticed a strange file named "script.vbs" in my startup routine, and it points to a file named "yam.exe" that's found in my start menu, which also was running in my processes. I opened the "script.vbs" using a text editor and found it pointing to an address of...
  7. I

    What should i do if my laptop just doesnt work. It turns on but i cant open anything. I cant even open the start menu. Pls hel

    I cant open anything. I tried to open the start menu the folders on my desktop not even one
  8. HappyTorrent

    Solved! What could cause a laptop to suddenly become so slow it it can't even open the start menu?

    I have been given the task of fixing a laptop for a family friend. They said that it had trouble connecting to the web, so I originally thought it was the operating system being out of date, but it runs Windows 7 Enterprise. So I decide to take a deeper look at it, until well, it wouldn't do...
  9. S

    how to uninstall program that is not listed in "programs and features"?

    I have a desktop app called Wunderlist, I can't find it in "programs and features". Revo doesn't see it either. When I look in list of programs in start menu, I don't see an uninstaller there. How to uninstall it? Windows 10
  10. A

    start menu missing

    Someone help me please im usually use classic start menu on my laptop.Now those setting were missing and i cant change back it to classic start menu and stick on windows 8 start menu.
  11. U

    file explorer is not opening

    when i click on file explorer on teask bar it is going to start menu givink a blink and not responding plss gve me a solution
  12. E

    Samsung to ue40h5500 turning itself on and off

    Hi I have the Above Samsung tv model. The tv comes on, automatically brings the smart menu up and then switches off after 8-10 seconds. It then starts up again and continues. I can occasionally interrupt the sequence to place on stand by and managed to get into the boot menu to do a factory...
  13. R

    Solved! Screen flickers 4 times at booting after ssd installation

    Hi, I've recently been having a problem when booting my laptop.I just got a new ssd, a samsung 850 evo. I used its software to clone it and installed it into my laptop. The problem is that when I'm booting I'm not seeing such big improvement, and the screen just flickers like 4 times after it...
  14. minun

    How can I get rid of Brother Control Center 3?

    I got rid of the printer, used their uninstall tool after uninstalling from programs window. It is still on my start menu, how can I get rid of it completely?
  15. S

    trying to get on start menu on my android

    my android charges and turns on but then gets to the tracphone thing and repeats that over and over.How do i get past that part to the actual menu?
  16. S

    how do i unlock my laptop windows 8 it will not go beyond the start menu

    I have a dell laptop windows 8. It won't go beyond the start tiles
  17. J

    PC beeps on start up

    so i built my pc about 1 week ago and everything works great except it still beeps 1 time when i turn it on , it takes a few seconds to start up then it goes to windows start up and everything is normal. Is there something wrong? do i need to install a driver or something? ( Its a short beep)
  18. S

    Windows side menu bar

    I have a laptop tablet with a touch screen. So Windows 8 and on come with the Start menu and on the side a sort of menu bar that appears in desktop mode and on the start menu. When you pull it out it has all these settings like preferences that can be accessed. I was messing with the buttons at...
  19. A

    Windows Dedender Error

    I have tried scanning my PC many times and still cant solve whats wrong with my windows defender program. If i try starting it i get an error " An error has occured in the program during initilization. If this problem continues, please contact your system administrator. Error code: 0x80073b01"...
  20. V

    i cant find it in the windows any where

    i cant find the cd drive in any of the programs and searching for it in the start menu doesn't work either
  21. P

    by tinura-my all desktop icons,start menu and task bar is missing.

    (Windows 7)My all destop icons,start menu and task bar is missing.In the log on,the computer menu appears.I can my works from it,but I want the destop,star menu and task bar again.If I run the "explorer.exe" on the task manager,only another computer menu appears. (I installed avira antivirus on...
  22. E

    desktop icons, start menu and toolbar missing in windows 7 startup

    I don't know what my father did to his netbook. All I can say is it running Windows7 startup. Once you click past the password, there is nothing there, no icons, no start menu, no toolbar, nothing. I am not sure if he downloaded a virus...not sure what to do...
  23. A

    have a gateway laptop and keep getting a repairing disk message...for the last three days..can't even get to start menu...woul

    Stuck on screen saying repairing disk error...can't get to start menu..and don't want to loose files...what can I do
  24. Jacko123

    How to uninstall Virtual Audio Cable?

    I recently installed virtual audio cable to play music through other programs. It recently broke when I tried uninstalling it. I tried uninstalling it with their uninstall build through start menu. Which resulted in a worse situation, line 1 is stuck and broken on my recording devices plus I...
  25. B

    My Acer Aspire V3 laptop suddenly stopped working.

    I need help troubleshooting my computer. My Acer Aspire V3 laptop suddenly stopped working. It powers on & the screen comes on, but it doesn't load the Start menu or do anything else. I have never dropped it or gotten it wet. I have had it for exactly one year and have never had any problem with...
  26. W

    Bottom bar permanetly locked when surfing? how do I unlock HELP!

    I cant seem to lock the bottom bar whilst windows is up? I cant check my batt level, start menu, see mulitiple menu's etc. really annoying as this change just happened on its own. I have to keep closing window off to see the time. any ideas please!!!!!
  27. D

    Start button, Taskbar and Desktop icons missing

    when I open my laptop all desktop icons,taskbar and start menu are missing, In command I typed sfc/scannow - no solutions, Please help.
  28. Ventus

    Want a "Real" Start Menu in Windows 8?

    I've decided I want my old desktop experience back. no more of this start screen. So After looking around for awhile I found a amazingly great Start Menu. (Better then StarDocks Start8 :P ) It is called StartIsBack, Its amazingly brings back the start menu from windows 7 by using some old...
  29. D

    How can I reset an Acer Aspire One Netbook without going through the start menu?

    I have an Acer Netbook and it won't let me get on the internet, or on Microsoft Word, or Movie Maker or really any of my other downloaded applications. I am trying to reset it to it's original factory settings so I can try and fix it or sell it, so I went to the start menu and to the control...
  30. J

    How to use a webcam on windows 7

    i want to know how i use my webcam on my hp pavilion g7 . its not anywhere!!!(on the start menu)!!!!!!!!!!!! :pfff:
  31. B

    Hot Corners V2.2.2.0, With a CLICK!

    I've been playing a lot with Windows 8 Recently and decided that I love the way the taskbar looks without the Start Orb, but I still love the start menu. So, I went back to my Windows 7 desktop and started playing around with a few applications to get this effect. So far I'm able to replicate it...
  32. R

    On my start menu page i have Acer c-shortcut what is it

    on my start up menu page i guess you call them icon I have Acerc-shortcut when i click on to it alot of files come up what are they for i dont understand this icon should it be there and all the files some are google ,notepad alot are empty what is this used for specifically
  33. R

    How to change icons on the start menu to normal

    Hello, i dont remember what i was doing but i changed something and then next thing i realise all my icons on the start menu changed to the VLC video Lan player to i change it back to normal??
  34. A

    Start menu pops out when i press esc menu, windows logo key is not functioning..

    Hello, my windows logo key is not functioning.. but when i press my esc key start menu pops out..
  35. T

    OS> Desktop ICONS - START MENU -TOOLBAR are missing!?

    pls help me my hp compaq laptop destop icons are missing my start menu not showing,what can i do?
  36. A

    Rectify windows 7 start menu edit problems

    In windows 7, a new installation 64 bit pro. I am unable to unlock the start menu and recent programs remains populated. I can change the settings in customise but the settings do not save, any ideas?
  37. G

    What is the screen resolution for a 17 5 laptop ?

    What should the resolution be on a 17.5'' laptop. Have lost the start menu, as well as the taskbar at the bottom, and thought that maybe the resolution is not right, and not showing the taskbar and start menu. Thank-you Leonna
  38. Z

    Windows xp

    Documents not responding. Desktop not responding. Start menu not responding. Systems tray icons working.
  39. C

    Acer reboot programs

    Hello, i have an acer 5535 that wont boot up at all and alt f10 doent work i cant even get to the start menu what can i do without a cd?
  40. Y


    It has been awhile that my computer is always having a threat of a virus. The virus is called Mebroot.trojan. It is in my C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup/uninstall.exe, I tried to delete it but it wont be deleted. What seems to be the problem on this?? Hope u can...
  41. R

    Internet exployer

    i can't get my internet exployer on my start menu nor my yahoo mail
  42. K

    No desktop at all, the start menu, taskbar, and task tray all gone

    my son's notebook boots with no desttop at all, the start menu, taskbar, and task tray all gone. there is nothing except the wall paper. he can cntl.alt, delete get a task manager and run some programs that do not require the internet using the task manager. that is totally all there is. i am...
  43. G

    Start Menu Settings

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I am trying to update the Start Menu settings. I click on Start/Settings/Menus. I have two programs that have been upgraded and the new installation moved to an SD card. When I try to uncheck the box I get a Start Menu message box...
  44. G

    Font color on "Start" Menu

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Is there any way to change the font color on "start" menu? Thanks
  45. G

    new replaytv 5504 problem?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) so i just got a 5504, plugged it all in an get the quick start menu, hookup over the phone and it connects then get error msg 'socket error' or 'unknown response'. tried several times, same thing. i can't access any other menu either...
  46. B

    Changing font colors

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I am trying to change the font color on my start menu. Anyone know how to do this??
  47. N


    I know there is a sofware that prevent people from downloading stuff and modifying your computer. It also block some certain access in your computer(ie. My Computer, Start Menu, etc.). Can annyone recommend me some of the good name that produces this kind of software? Thank you! I try to smile...