how are 1080p projectors in the 200-400$ range?


Sep 22, 2013
Hello, I have a small living room and right now I don't have a TV just a gaming PC and I was thinking about getting a projector that's hopefully bigger then a 1080p TV in the same price range.

Also I need to be able to connect to my computer as the source of the display

The couch to the opposite wall is 10'8" and I have effective blinds so darkness should not be a problem.

In general I don't know what matters for a projector, I have never bought one and I am just wondering what I can get with that type of money and if it is even worth it. I am not sure how important lumens are vs contrast ratio. It will mostly be for netflix and movies, I doubt ill be gaming on it but if I am it would likely be casually.

If the 200-400$ range looks is totally not worth it, then what would you suggest as far as a higher price gap.

I don't need a sound system either.


At that price range, you'd be better off with an HDTV. I would expect to pay between $550 and $1000 for a quality, home use 1080p projector. Most projectors require a larger throw range than what you would have and pico projectors (small projectors closer to your price range) do not have 1080p resolutions (they scale down a 1080p input). Finally, there's the noise factor. Projector lamps run very hot and the cooling fan can get very loud. You do not want to have to sit near the projector while it's running.

If you're still interested in a projector, I would recommend that you head to your local Best Buy or some other electronics store and see if they have a display room where they could demonstrate projectors in person. That way, you'll have a much better idea of what to expect.

-Wolf sends
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