How can I add an External Equalizer between my PC and Computer Speakers?

Aug 3, 2018
I have a PC which I run self-powering computer speakers (Klipsch - ProMedia 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System) thru the standard line out.

Is there any way to add an external equalizer between this setup so that I can have fun playing with the bass, treble, and eq settings live? And if so, what systems would be an easy solution for this.

Thanks in advance for the help..

Most (all?) equalizers plug between source (your PC) and destination (your speakers). So, as long as the equalizer you choose has standard stereo input / output, you can plug it. You might need a couple of 3.5mm-to-RCA adapters, depending on the equalizer' connections. Here is an example where you'd need these adapter cables.
No reason you can't use software EQ. Much more flexible and free too.
EQ can be used to make improvement but you can't go nuts adding a lot of boost. It causes distortion and can damage the speakers.

He says fun playing.... there is something about turning real knobs and sliders, clicking mouse not the same :)

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