How can i load xp on windows 7 machine with processor i3

anubhav sharma

Nov 14, 2011
dear sir,
Please help me to know that what is the processor to upload win XP to.
Actully i have laptop Hp 430 with core i3 processor but it had already window 7(home edition) installed and I want to upload Window XP(Service Pack -2) insteed of Window 7 (home edition), (chipset GMT 65) I tried many time but I am unable to get It so please help me. Please give me revert as soon as possible


Jun 4, 2007
I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do.

Are you trying to install Windows XP instead of using Windows 7? Or, are you trying to run Windows XP as a virtual machine, inside of Windows 7?

If it were me, I would choose Win7 over XP...unless you have some programs that will not run in Win7 that don't have an updated version, etc.


Feb 22, 2007
(1) Window XP, w/sp2 or sp3, does not natively support the chipsets that are on your SB notebook. So the first set is to visit the HP support site for all the drivers that you will need for an XP install, ie the F6 AHCI driver for your HDD.

(2) You will need to do a CLEAD install - recommend that you get a 2nd Notebook HDD for the Installation - DO-Not use your Win 7 HDD as you may find it difficault to revert back to windows 7. If using the windows 7 HDD - FIRST make a Image of your "C" drive. Use windows 7 Back up in control panel and image your system drive to an External HDD>

(3) There is a altenative and that is to use a Virual XP. 2 Options are (A) if you have the high end Win 7 (Prof or Ult) you can down load the program from uSoft. This is not compatable with the low end premium - (Can purchase from uSoft). Google win xp virual mode for windows 7. (B) run 3rd party virtual box.

Could you explain WHY you need to run XP. The only programs that I've found that do not run under Win 7 64 bit are some very old programs that contain 16 bit code. If have a program that is not allowing to install, have you tried Compatability mode.