How do I connect my new LG TV to wired headphones? I have a DAC but need to connect a headphone amp that has volume controls.

Morgan H

Jun 26, 2017
How do I connect my new LG TV to wired headphones? I have a DAC connected by toslink but need a headphone amp that has volume controls. The DAC works great but the volume is super loud so I can't use the headphones. I have 2 Beyerdynamic 770 Pros, 80 ohm and 250 ohm. Please advise how to connect a headphone amp to the DAC. Brand names and models would be appreciated, as well as instructions. Are there DAC/amp combos available? Please excuse my inexperience.

Morgan H

Jun 26, 2017
Thanks for your reply. I read it a mere 5 minutes after I returned the DAC! Talk about timing . . . What I would like is a high quality DAC/headphone amp (with volume control) combination with toslink connectivity and a power source/charger included. I have a toslink cable. BTW, this is only for use with a TV, not a computer so I don't need USB. I've done lots of research but there are so many options that it is overwhelming. I am seeking recommendations based upon positive experiences. If I sound like a newby, it's because I am! Thanks again.
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