How do i get better quality images on my TV


Dec 10, 2014
Hi, i recently bought a Digihome 48272smfhdled and set it up only to find that the pecture quality is very poor when watching normal tv or freeview, yet it is supposed to be 1080p, Full HD, LED.

When i use it for gaming using HDMI it is fantastic quality, why is that and is it possible to get that quality when watching normal tv?

What can i do about this?



Jun 14, 2011
normal TV is typically still 720i or 1080i which is nowhere near the quality that a typical TV is capable of. The only way arround is to go with something like cable which can send 720 and 1080p signals (though that tends to be highly compressed which has it's own issues), or being weird like me and buying seasons on DVD or BRD when they come out to get better quality.

No doubt your TV isn't great... but the issue is most likely with broadcasters and not your TV in this case.
That TV seems to only have a standard definition tuner in it so your will need a freeview HD tuner like on of these:
All TVs after 2008 are supposed to have them built in.
By the way in the US broadcast digital TV is 720p and 1080i. 720 progressive is better for motion and 1080 interlaced better on still images. A 1080p source will only be a bit better than 720p unless you sit very close to the set or the TV has bad video processing.

Actually, "normal" TV is way less than 720, that is HD quality. Standard TV signals is 480 lines. Even cable channels that are not HD are in that same resolution, which is why some cheap LCD sets and older LCD TVs look worse with non-HD signals than the older tube TVs. Their scaling has to be good or it will look blotchy and blocky.

To get HD channels you need an HD tuner or cable/sattelite box with HD connections and an HD service level.

Just bying a good TV won't get you a good picture quality, you need to feed it a good signal also. It's like bying a $500 phone when you live in a place with really bad service and wondering why your phone calls still sound bad.