Question How do I get my fans to run at full speed on my Asus G751JM?

Nov 1, 2021
I bought this gaming laptop about 8 years ago and it came preinstalled with Asus GPU tweak which had a setting called "run GPU fans at full speed" which allowed me to run the fans at 25,500 RPMs. But now my hard drive is starting to break down and I bought a new Samsung EVO SSD and started using that as my main hard drive, but when I use GPU tweak, the setting to run the fans at full speed is disabled. I can't get then above 3,300. How do I get the fan to run full speed like that again so I can play games without overheating?


Sep 6, 2020
"I thought the same thing but unfortunately, they said they wouldn't help me because my device is out of warranty."
Figures, gotta have a warranty to get help. They SHOULD help with a simple question like that anyway.

I just went into my Asus Tweak software and went from Auto to Manual setting for fans Then hit "Apply". Then I went to 100% , and "Apply" again....and could hear them
Rev right up!

Do you have Asus GPU tweak on your computer? If not, maybe you could download it.
(Yes my desktop is an Asus as well) I liked it SO much after the build, I bought a spare motherboard, and installed the new one and have my original in a safe place, just in case.
Because I knew they would only be making this version for a short period, with the speed of new boards coming out all the time.

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