How do I hook my new Samsung Series 6 TV and my Direct tv cable box to my Phillips DVDR3506 and my Maxell SSB-3WB sound bar?


Jan 7, 2018
I got a new Samsung Series 6 tv for Christmas and I'm lost on how to hook it up. I have a Direct tv cable box with one HDMI port, one A/V out, one USB, and one digital audio out coax. I have a Phillips DVDR3506 dvd player and a Maxell SSB-3WB sound bar. The sound bar doesn't have HDMI. It has L-R RCA plugs and the Toslink plug. I've heard the sound bar doesn't have any volume when connected with the Toslink cable so I thought I'd try to avoid going that way. However, I'm so confused, it isn't that important anymore! I think I must need some kind of a converter but, there's so many different ones, I have no idea what I might need! Except help - I definitely need help!
Just use the optical audio connection. Check the TV manual on how to configure it. You may need to turn it on, turn the TV speakers off and change the audio output to get it working.
Using an optical to analog converter will probably not make it play any louder. You would still need the optical cable so it won't be wasted,
If there is a problem then try connecting the analog audio out from the DTV box to the soundbar RCA input. That will show if using analog out gives you more volume. If that's the case you could connect both the DVD and DTV to an input selector so they can both play through the soundbar.