How do I hook up my DVD player with RCA component to my Smart TV with only HDMI input? I bought an RCA to HDMI cable but the


Jan 19, 2016
We received a Samsung Smart TV for Christmas, which was wonderful, but now neither our DVD player nor our Sony surround sound can work because there is no RCA input option on the Smart TV. Only 2 HDMI and one USB. I purchased a RCA to USB cable but the Smart TV doesn't recognize it. I also purchased a RCA to HDMI cable, but it doesn't recognize it either. The converter boxes I've looked at do not seem like they will work and I don't want to continue to purchase needless items. Please help.
Since your TV is new it may support ARC (audio return channel) over one of the HDMI inputs (it would be marked ARC). If your surround sound doesn't have ARC then an adapter like this one should help
If your DVD player doesn't have HDMI then get a new blueray player that does. You could get a component video plus audio to HDMI converter
but since there are pretty cheap BD players out there it makes more sense to replace the player.