How do I hook up my Yamaha av receiver rx-v995 to my new Phillip's tv for soround sound please help me ty and God bless you


Sep 23, 2017
I have a Phillip's 5000 series 4k ultra HD and I'm trying to get the Yamaha av receiver to hook up to it for so round sound please help me I'm will to pay someone that can make it simple I don't have a lot of money but willing to pay a few dollars for help ty and God bless you all
No problem. The A/V amp you have is older than the TV, which means the HDMI ARC connection you would normally be using with today's up-to-date TV's is not present. However, your alternative connection, would be the 'Digital optical' output from the TV to the A/V amp. This connects from the small, square black plastic plug on the rear of the Phillips TV to one of the optical inputs (of the same description) on the bottom rear panel of the Yamaha receiver. It will not matter which input you use, but try to use one that makes sense to you, and that you will remember. If you have a DVD player also, you can use another of these inputs. The cable you need for this connection is one like this:

I hope this is of help to you, and that i have made it clear enough, if not, please ask.

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