How do i run multiple applications or programs at once?


Feb 22, 2014
To get down to the point, i use "ghost mouse" which records your actions on your pc then copys it out exactly as you recorded it, well i want to be able to run 2 of them so that by pushing different key binds (not at the same time) that it will let me play different recordings at different times without having to record then discard and start a new one.

Everytime i try to open a second one it comes up with the message "this program is already running!"

so does anyone know how to make it so i am able to open 2 of them at once?


Sep 20, 2012

Sometimes in settings there is a checkbox to allow multiple uses at once (winamp can do this, runs multiple instances), or they have a switch that allows this in the shortcut target line. AltBinz for instance "altbinz.exe -mi" Make sure that both copies are in separate folders and that at least one (if not both) have misc/queue folder structure where exe is located.

So it really varies and sometimes isn't possible without problems if they didn't design it to be able to work like this. YMMV :) Not a user of your app, so just giving you some ideas of what you'd be looking for.
Some programs, like this one, are SINGULAR in purpose, that only ONE recording can be done at a time. For example trying to have TWO Video Editors on ONE video, won't work, because each needs to do exclusive things because of the way it is programmed. Same here, which happens.

You might want to join the forum or send a email on your 'suggested other use' than as it was programmed.