How do I transfer my photos into i-cloud.....


Dec 31, 2015
I have an i-phone 6 and it won't allow me to update, because it says I've run out of space. Well, I figured this is due to me having about 200+ photos and around 35 videos. So, okay I went through all my photos and deleted any of them that I no longer wanted, and same with the videos. After I completed this, there was still not enough room on my iPhone. I then searched onto Google, and one site said to transfer them to iCloud, but it did not give any instructions on how to transfer them to iCloud.

Can anyone please help me? I need step-by-step instructions, if possible? I appreciate any help! Thank you!

Tasha Marie


You can't update what? To a new phone or the operating system update? Did you try removing some applications you may not be using? Then do a reboot and try again.

If you go to the iCloud options you will see how to move items there, or just do a web search on how to use iCloud.
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