How do i transfer the photos on my sd card from the old phone to new phone internal memory

Apr 1, 2018
Ive just got a MI Note 4 and I want to copy the sd card where my pictures have been stored from the old phone into the internal memory of the new phone. Any tips please?
Remove the SD card from the old phone and place it in the new one (if it is the same physical size for that new phone that is) and you can then use the file manager app on the new device to move the files over to the phone itself. If there isn't a file manager app you can always install one.

Another way, that would be faster, would be to connect the old phone (via USB cord), with the SD card still in it, to a computer and move all the files over to a folder on the computer. Once done, disconnect the old phone and connect the new one (via USB cord) to the computer and then move all the files over to the new phone from the computer.