How do i use headphones wireless or not on a LG TV with no Audio output just Audio in ?


Dec 5, 2016
I recently purchased a LG 24 LED TV and realized it has no Audio output holes so i can't use headphones . Is there any way i can use headphones ( wireless or not ) on my tv besides Cable boxes or Play-stations etc. ? I use a fire stick on my TV and all my ports on my tv are in no out
There are devices called "HDMI Extractor", pluggned between the HDMI source, and the TV, but they might not work with HDCP-protected sources, and most of these sticks must conform to HDCP spec in order to have content available.

Some Amazon Fire TVs (Firestick fails in that category) allow for Bluetooth accessories, check here for details.
Without the model number of the TV we can't tell if it has ARC so the solution above may not help. If it did have ARC you would also need a headphone amp or transmitter for wireless headphones.
A headphone jack could be installed. It's not technically complicated. Any TV tech could do it for you. It would void the warranty though.
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