How do U think Ainol NOVO 7 Advanced Android 2.3 tablet pc?

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Nov 8, 2011
i want to buy a android tablet PC send it to my brother as Christmas gift, i find one tablet pc called Ainol NOVO 7 Advanced Android 2.3 tablet, this is a High equipment android tablet by umibuy‘s description, but i don't how about the quality, (you can know about this tablet pc from this Online Store "Umibuy" )

Ainol NOVO 7 Advanced Link

i think $139.03 is very great prices, and at the same time it's free shipping...

maybe this is my first online shopping, i need some advices, thanks



Nov 1, 2011
never heard of Ainol - strike 1
it's running gingerbread (not a tablet version of the OS) - strike 2
reading reviews it seems the processor is actually 1 ghz not 1.5 - strike 3
8 gb of storage showing 900 mb free upon arrival - strike 4
Does not come with Market (can be added if rooted) - strike 5

might work for you or for a gift seems like junk to me
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