How do you remove as homepage on IE?


Oct 27, 2013
Although I resolved this problem on my own by recovering my HDD but in the future I want to avoid this as it wipes everything off my C drive. My IE was hijacked with this homepage and it's annoying everytime I open IE it goes to I got this by installing qvod player which a lot of Chinese people use to watch TV shows in China and HK. Please let me know a quick fix to this so if I happen to get this again I can resolve it without recovering my HDD. Thanks.
1. Uninstall it from your Control Panel (if it allows you to).
2. Run an anti-spyware application, such as SUPERAnti-spyware, and perform a full scan. You may even need to run an anti-virus program.
3. Change your homepage settings in Internet Explorer by clicking on the gear icon while IE is open, then go to 'Internet Options.'