How i properly connect my PC to Receiver to TV ?

Shmuel Cohen

Dec 27, 2014
So guys [strike]that's[/strike] this is the story:

I have 2 monitors connected to my PC. also i got a TV that's was connected with HDMI to my pc as well (until i got my new receiver)

and with WinKey+P I moved between 2 modes

Mode 1) 2 monitors are display my desktop and i can move with my mouse between them.
Mode 2) the 2 monitor not display anything, the TV only is display the desktop (i used this mode for watching movies\ T.v Shows)

now i got a new AV receiver (Pioneer VSX-329) with 5.1 speaker system.

now what i tried first is connect my PC to the receiver instead to the tv (with hdmi).

and it worked just fine ! i used my 2 screens and hear music and everything worked good.

the problem started when i tried to connect the T.v to the receiver (HDMI OUT).

the T.v did worked and i still could hear music but the problem is that now i MUST use the t.v when i want hear sound from the speakers, i mean now i have this 2 mode instad

Mode 1) 3 monitors are now have display (the 2 monitor i used to have and the T.v)

Mode 2)Only the T.v is displaying.

if i'm disconnecting the T.v monitor from the display properties so I could have only 2 monitor's without the t.v im getting no sound at all from the speakers.

and if u ask yourself why i care if the t.v is part of the extend monitors system, that's because my mouse allways get into the Tv screen and its annoying...

Someone have any solution for me?

Shmuel Cohen

Dec 27, 2014

hi thank you for the answer.

the problem is that i dont have optical out with my PC.

also i cant understand why its not working properly..

i tried to disconnect the HDMI cable from the receiver the the TV and also disconnect one of my screens,
so my setup now is this >

PC > connected to 1 monitor with DVI cable.
PC> connected to receiver with HDMI cable.

now every time that i turn on the receiver my main pc monitor turning black for a second and than turning on again but now with additional "display" its called "Pioneer Electronic Corporation EP-HDMI-RX"

and my PC still consider the receiver as a display instead as a sound system.

there's a picture if someone didnt understand what's wrong
(number 2 is my main monitor and u can see im using it. number 1 is the receiver ''display'' and u can see it at the right side of the screen) :

this is happening everytime that i turn on my receiver. and remember i plug off the cable from the receiver to the t.v if someone is thinking the right display is the tv or something
Jan 12, 2019
Hey did you ever figure this out? I am having a problem like this
I have my main monitor connected via dp and in another room I have hdmi running to my Yamaha rx381 then to my tv. I use the windows+P to switch between the receiver and my main monitor.

The Problem I am having is if I am using my main monitor downstairs and someone turns on the receiver upstairs my main monitor will go black screen until I turn off the receiver upstairs or unplug the hdmi. If I turn the receiver off the back on a few times it will just flicker when turning it back on and not go black> this is annoying me so bad. I can plug the hdmi directly to my sony smart tv but then I dont have the option in windows to select 5.1 surround. Is there a way to make the main monitor not go black when turning on the reciever? Let me know please! Thanks

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