how to connect my bose lifestyle 28 series to my digital cable box to tv


Mar 30, 2015
Hi there.thank for your answer but my question is can i go form apical from my reciverto my DVR, and HDMI from DVR to TV and have soud


Mar 30, 2015
Hi there.thank for your answer but my question is can i go form apical from my reciverto my DVR, and HDMI from DVR to TV and have soud
Your dvr has no optical input and you would not OUTPUT from the receiver to the DVR, that would not work at all.

Now if you are meaning that you want to output sound from the DVR via optical but output Video via HDMI then that depends on the DVR.
Some of them will do this while most will only allow you to use optical with component (red/blue/green) or RCA video outputs and not HDMI.

I suggested my method for maximum compatibility to work with your situation.
If your DVR did support this feature it would still be inefficient as with my method you just change the source on the TV, with your method you would have to change the input on the TV and on the Receiver to say switch inputs to a gaming console, or roku, etc, etc.

There are 2 main methods of connecting stereo receivers to TVs and your equipment:
1) Receiver Centered - this method is used when your receiver has the right video inputs to accept all of your devices (so for today's input ports, HDMI).
For this connection method you connect all devices to the receiver and then output your video to the TV
In this method you may output audio from TV to Receiver if TV is a smart TV with Netflix, hulu, etc or if TV gets cable through the TVs coaxial port and not a separate dvr/receiver.

2) TV Centered - used when your receiver does not have the needed video inputs.
In this method you connect all devices to TVs input ports, and then output audio from TV to receiver, typically via a optical cable.
This method is the best for your situation since your LIfestyle does not have HDMI inputs/output
Playstaiton - which one, PS 1, PS2, PS2 SLIM, PS3, PS4???????

Motorolla has made more then 1 DVR in the last decade, the model number is there, you just have to look for it.

"tv /progector 3020" so is it a tv or a projector???? what is the brand AND model number?

The entire reason I asked for model numbers is so that I can lookup each device to see its ports.
if I google search "projector 3020" I am not going to find anything useful as that is why too vauge.

You are making it excessively difficult for anyone to help you.


Oct 27, 2015
Thank you! Grand Master! I think you have just saved me some money!

So even the HDMI coming from my PC's GPU into my S/PDIF equipped TV...
Should send all 5.1 Surround Sound info into my old BO$E Lifestyle 28 II via it's S/PDIF input.

And then... Because of this "TV Centered" setup... My Blu-Ray player would/could also work this way...
Instead of sending both a HDMI to TV and also a Digital Audio Coaxial to the BO$E at the same time.
The shared all encompassing S/PDIF would be used for everything output instead.

I was looking at HDMI Splitters and all kinds of stuff... I think my TV is already the answer...

Thank you!
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