Solved! How to connect older Kenwood model 104 AR AM FM receiver to new Samsung 7 series UHD TV

Jan 30, 2019
Have older Kenwood 104ar am/fm receiver with only red and white component Jack's and a set of green XS 8 system control Jack's at far end of rear panel that I am trying to connect to new Samsung series 7 UHD TV that has one yellow av jack. TV came with RCA 3 ( green/yellow, red,white) to 1(yellow) adapter for this jack. Having trouble setting this up to work.
Forget about your TV yellow/red/white those are for INPUT, you are looking for TV AUDIO OUTPUT.

Look for DIGITAL AUDIO in Kenwood, if available, that's what you should use.

If no Kenwood digital audio, then next option: TV (headphone_out) to Kenwood.

No headphone_out?, last option: TV Optical Out ----> Toslink-to-RCA-converter -----> Kenwood.
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