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Question How to connect unique speaker wires

Dec 23, 2018
I have several speakers wired across a new house I bought, but I have no idea which audio receiver would accept connections like this...to me it actually looks like a power connection. However, I know these are the speaker cables, I guess I could strip off the connectors and just use the bare cables, but maytbe there is a receiver or proper way to connect these audio cables...any advice?? Thanks!


Sonic Illusions

Feb 16, 2019
Those are basically terminal strips which plug into an amp. Just unscrew them. I prefer to tin the bare wires, to prevent corrosion. You can connect directly to most amps, via the amp's binding posts, which also may accept quality banana plugs as another option. Some banana plugs are screw-binding for the wire, which uses the bare wire. It looks like the individual strands are thick. Simplest is to unscrew the wires, label them if not already. You may want to strip to start fresh with straight, clean wires. If you don't know what connects to what, there's an easy trick for that.
That's a common speaker connector for home distributed audio amps and some switchers. Each connector is for a pair of speakers. You can remove them with a small flat blade screw driver.
You seem to have four pairs of speakers to drive. IF there is an impedance matching volume control in each room you can connect them to a stereo without an impedance matching speaker selector, If not then you will need that selector to safely connect them to a stereo amp.
If you want to control volume and source independently
you can use two three or four Sonos AMPS or Denon HeosAmps to create a house music system.
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