How to fix motherboard audio feedback?


Oct 28, 2015
so, my motherboard gives a really terrible feedback to my microphone and i need to get this fixed asap.

i have confirmed 100% that the microphones that i am using are not the problem.

i have updated the audio drivers and everything already and I've come to the conclusion that the motherboard is the problem.

I just need help on buying one of those converters that takes a mic 3.5mm and headphone 3.5mm and puts them to USB.

ive been looking around and there seems to be alot of cheap ones from china that will take like 2 months to get here and probably wont be of moderately respectable quality.

can someone link me to some that will work well, not take long to get to me, and are not very expensive? (preferably via amazon)

i dont have alot of money. id prefer to spend like $5 but i can pay like $15 if i have to.
(being in highschool is hard :c)


Just for the record how was it determined that the motherboard is the problem?

This adapter might work:

The reason I say "might" as there is some dependence on the existing 3.5 mm pins and how they are configured; i.e., TS, TRS, TRRS.

The plugs may physically fit but the internal electrical connections may not match. Google "TS, TRS, TRRS" for some examples (images, pictures, diagrams) that will help you verifiy the connectivity you need.
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