How to play stereo & digital audio on svga monitor and hdmi tv


Apr 25, 2012
Hello, i have a windows 7 pc with a geforce gts 450 that has an hdmi interface port built in. Ive connected the hdmi port to my hd tv and am getting video & audio signals fine. for my pc ive hooked up an svga monitor with with stereo speakers. Now, what i want is to be able to watch movies or browse web for my family etc on the hd tv as well as at the same time play video games on the svga monitor. the problem is windows 7 doesnt seem to allow me the option of seperating the audio for both displays so i end up hearing the games audio playing on the hdmi tv with the movie for example. when i go to the playback options it allows me to choose one audio signal as a default i.e either stereo or hdmi. so, is there an alternative way to play both audio signals separately on two different displays. thank you