How To Prevent Overheating of my 7year old Laptop while gaming?


Jan 14, 2018
Hi!! I am from India and i want help from your guys which is about my HP G42 Notebook Laptop. I brought the laptop back in April 2011.
I have played most of the demanding titles of 2010-2013 on medium-low settings.But from the last 3months or so my pc overheats after 5mins of gameplay. For Example, I played mafia 2 on this pc earlier, but nowadays whenever i play it,my pc overheats quickly..i have used lowspecs patches,updated video drivers but none of them work.The temperature here in India is pretty cold so whenever the laptop shuts down,it doesn't get warm.
So.what might be the reason for this problem?? And how can i prevent it from happening?? Any Ideas??