Question How to reboot rca m1 after factory hard reset fails

Jan 5, 2020
Phone started not charging,cut it off and back on and it was stuck on the RCA boot screen look up the issue on your form pages and seen where you said about the recovery mode in the sauce reset in the hard factory reset and went through all them processes all of them failed at least three times at the bottom of the screen when I do a hard factory reset it says wiping data... Formatting/data... Mount /data error, Force format / data formatting user data fail. Please help me resolve this problem as soon as possible it is her first smartphone and she loves it but she is extremely attached thank you
The phone sounds like it is having a few problems. On top of that, if doing a "Hard Reset" won't work, it makes me wonder if the phone was rooted. If that is the case, then it would have to be unrooted before it could be reset.

However, your original problem just sounded like a bad battery.

If the phone was indeed rooted, then you must unroot first and then do the "Hard Reset". However, since this is an older phone and a very old Android version (it came with 4.4), then she should seriously consider a new phone.

Should you need to unroot, I am including help for that below. If not, then I would consider a new device.

I know of two apps that should be able to help with unrooting a device. Others may know of more or other ways, as I am really not a fan of rooting, so not my expertise. :) The two apps, which should be able to be found at the Google Play Store are "SuperSU" and "ES File Explorer". I think "SuperSU" is free but I don't know about "ES File Explorer".

How to unroot Android: Using SuperSU
  1. Download, from the Google Play Store, and install "SuperSU".
  2. Launch the app and go to “Settings”.
  3. Scroll down and locate, and tap, “Full unroot”.
  4. It will ask you to confirm that you really want to unroot your device. To start, tap continue.
  5. When it is done, the app will automatically close and then restart your device.
  6. When it is done, and the device restarts, it should be fully unrooted.
  7. Uninstall "SuperSU" and you are done.
How to unroot Android: Using ES File Explorer
  1. Download, from the Google Play Store, and install "ES File Explorer".
  2. Launch the app and tap "Menu".
  3. Scroll to locate “Tools”. Tap that and then turn on “Root Explorer”.
  4. Now you will have to grant it "root privileges", if prompted.
  5. Go back to your home screen and then navigate to your device’s root folder. It should found as “/” in explorer.
  6. From root, navigate to “system” and then “bin”.
  7. Find, and delete, the “busybox” and “su”. If you can’t find them, move on to step eight.
  8. Navigate back to “/” and open the “app” folder.
  9. Delete superuser.apk.
  10. Restart your Android device. Your device should reboot unrooted.
Jan 5, 2020
That's from power up as soon as the phone loads up it turns all white says RCA on the screen that's as far as it will go I cannot go no further than that the only thing I can see other than that is the recovery mode Android menu you know format menu whatever recovery menu thats the problem. That's the issue I can only go to the recovery mode menu and that's it other than RCA all white boot up screen it will not go no further have hard said it I factory reset it I'll try to go in any other mode I'm thinking either the phone has been rooted and maybe they message it up properly I don't know it somehow they unlocked all the system apps or some system apps and did not relock them and maybe did a reset on the phone and deleted some software I don't know. Shirt is it possible if I cannot restore the original data that comes on the device is there a way that I can I don't know make sure that it sweetly deleted and download the program or software for newer copy that'll go on that device
I am assuming you mean you did a full "Hard Reset" rather than the typical one that involves keeping data. If that is the case, then yes, either the phone was rooted, or it is having serious issues.

Will it go into "Safe Mode"?
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