How to recover/undelete a single Folder?


Jan 2, 2009

I faced a very weird situation (read as never happened). One folder (name 'Model') got vanished somehow on a dedicated Internet PC running Windows XP SP3. Path:

C:\Documents and Settings\Molecule\Desktop

I'm almost sure that I didn't delete it to my best knowledge. None accessed this PC. How it's gone is a mystery. Well, I'm not concerned about it - perhaps i might have deleted it accidentally while talking on phone etc. Not 100% sure.


How to recover/undelete this single folder names 'Model' (50-60 MB size) from the same disk TO another partition say D or E.

I tried Recuva free edition. But i don't see 'Model' folder :(

What free tool should I try?

ps: got licensed GetDataBack NTFS 3.32 but can't remove the disk; no access to a spare disk either. So I'm like helpless.

Please suggest, thanks.