How to replace cracked tablet display for Lenovo S8-50

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Aug 26, 2013
I have a Lenovo S8-50 Tablet with the display cracked from accidentally dropping on the ground. The tablet turns on fine and pressing on the power button displays the screen without any issue except tablet no longer respond to touches. Since this is a cheap tablet, I'm going to take this opportunity to learn how to fix tablet screens, and I don't really care if I end up completely breaking it in the process.

So on to my questions:

1. Do I have to replace the entire screen or can I just replace the digitizer in order to get the touch functionality to work again?

2. Apparently, places like Ebay or Alibaba doesn't have listings for S8-50 replacement screen / digitizer parts, although I'm still looking. Assuming if I can't find any, does any one know if digitizers are compatible with similar tablet models with same size? (Such as this. This one is for A8-50)

I'd appreciate any pointers.