How to restore default permissions for wscript.exe in Windows 7 (also, how to delete trojan that turns files into shorcuts)


Jul 29, 2014
I got infected from a trojan that turns files into shorcuts. As far, I have only experienced this in files contained in USBs. The thing is that following a tutorial which said that this is caused by the file wscript.exe, I changed the permissions it originally had, just to later find another tutorial where I have to use this program which is now useless.

Is there a way to restore the properties (all of them) inside security from this file? A way to redownload the file? And if you happen to also know how to get rid of this trojan (which looks like most antivirus don't recognice as a threat), please share your answer.

I was about to just restore my system, but looks like something got rid of my restore points (aaaaaagh!), so if nothing works I'm going to reinstall the system.