How to set default download location of all apps to SD card on ZTE Overture 2


Jul 7, 2015
I use apps like reddit is fun, Tumblr, Funny Pics, and LOL Pics. I need to get the pictures that I download from these apps onto the SD card. But the pictures don't go to the SD card even though in settings the default save location in Settings>Storage is set to SD card. I have mounted, erased and remounted my SD card many times and it still doesn't work, and since Android takes up a lot of space, I only have 4 GBs of space on my phone's memory. I know that I can move the pictures onto the SD card, but it doesn't work well (not all moved pictures are shown in the gallery) and I'm afraid that I'm going to lose pictures when I move them. So I want the pictures to be downloaded to the SD card by default. But it doesn't work, even though it should. I don't know why, and I've just about given up on Android entirely because this is so frustrating.

For reference, my old phone, a ZTE Z996, every single app I used would save its pictures to the SD card by default. I'm using a SanDisk 32GB SD card. Please help.
If images on your SD card are not showing up in your gallery, that's possibly an app limitation. Try a different photo gallery app, or, depending on what you are currently using, you can simply update the folder directories it will try to locate images in (assuming your images are stored in multiple locations).

As for downloading things to your SD card by default, that may be something you can do within each individual app, I believe. For instance, I use BaconReader for reddit. Within the app settings, I am able to designate what directory to store images in. Would assume that other apps have something similar.