How to set up a pair of monitors correctly?


Sep 11, 2015

I have been looking around google for a a long time but i havent found my answer. Please I need the help if anyone knows how to do this.

Basically, I have apir of 2 rokit 5's that I want to hook up to my desktop. I dont know how to do it. I thought it was easy as just using the 3.5mm jack on the desktop and connecting the two rca to each one of the monitors, but it seems it gives me a buzzing/static noise when i play or dont play music, etc.

Am i doing something wrong? do I need anything else to fix this issue.

Tests done:

1. Connected headphones to the desktop jack (green/3.5mm) and i dont get static or anything.
2. connected the 3.5mm end of the rca to my phone i dont get static.

Please help, this noise is so annoying i dont want to buy an extra home audio system.
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