how to use iGPU and dGPU (both amd) simultaneously for gaming


May 19, 2016
Hello I've heard that dx 12 helps any two gpu's to simultaneously . So i have an integrated amd r5 graphics and a dedicated r5 m330 graphics . so if i get dx12 can i use both igpu and dgpu at same time to get more out of my system ? if not is there any way to do it like installing vulcan etc... Also please note that AMD DUAL GRAPHICS don't work in my case as far as i know but if know how to setup amd dual graphics for my system , please explain

My system specs - It's a laptop
Amd a8 6410 with integrated r5 graphics
Amd r5 m330 2Gb dedicated graphics
8 Gb ram
Manufacturer : Lenovo
Model : lenovo g50-45


Dec 4, 2015
unfortunately this is a case of people spouting misinformation for months on end.

if you Google it, there's hundreds of pages of people praising dx12, banging on about how their sli/crossfire vram will stack.

what everyone forgot to say? it requires the game developer to specifically code for it. which means 99% of games won't have it. how was that ever a good idea?

seriously what game developer is going to sit there and pay someone to write code, so a tiny tiny percentage of their customers will have stacking vram...