How to use Schiit Magni to amplify bass


Jul 3, 2012
To start, Thanks for the help. [:panicmaster85]

After recently receiving my DT990 pro 250ohm and schiit magni/modi setup, I am blown away by the quality and or clarity of the headset... However, the bass is lacking. It's not a deal breaker by any means, but it would be nice to have a little more bass, at least to where I can feel it a little.

Ultimately My question is,
Can the Magni/Modi amplify the bass on my headphones?
How much of the clarity will I be losing if I proceed to do this?
How do I use my Magni/Modi to amplify by bass.

note: I get that the DT990's are not meant to be very bass heavy, but any extra thump I can get goes a long way.


its worth noting that the dt990 is considered one of the "bassier" models of open headphones for the price. typically open headphones are very bass light.

using an amplifier such as the magni is going to give them a bit more bass response than using a more underpowered amp but the sound you are hearing already takes this into account.

you could mess with equalizer settings to bump up the bass a bit. this would cause a little bit of distortion but shouldnt be anything to worry about. your soundcard should have some settings for this. otherwise you can download programs to do this very likely. this is likely what i would try doing.

there are physical mods you can do such as which can change the sound profile of headphones. the trouble is that doing mods sometimes is permanent (didnt read through the mod completely i listed here) or sometimes reverseable. this particular mod severely dampens the "openess" of the headphones (one of the reasons you picked it over the dt770 very likely).

if you are a basshead and wanted good amounts of bass... the dt770pro (80ohm or 250ohm) are a bit better for that. however, they are closed so you lose the openness of the dt990's and you lose the super crisp brights of the dt990 but gain sound isolation and bass response. closed headphones generally are more bassy. afaik the dt770/dt880/dt990 have the same drivers but different enclosure designs to give a different sound profile.
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