HP DV2715nr battery shows full charge but unit won't run without AC adapter


Oct 15, 2012
Hello, I have an HP Pavilion DV 2000 series laptop, specifically a DV 2715NR. The problem is that though the battery claims via software display to be 98% charged, the laptop will not power up unless the AC adapter is connected (and it's saying that, and "charging", all day). I had to install a new hard drive (prior owner had removed it) so installed Windows Vista Home Premium (it is COA licensed for that OS, 32 bit version). The battery in it appears to be an extended run type (about 50% of its volume extends out of the case) and appears to be an aftermarket type (no HP logo etc). I suppose that it is possible that it can have its supposed status "read" by the HP but not be able to supply actual power, or the "reading" might simply be wrong. I swear that until a day or so ago, it would run on the battery, which is labelled as 10.8v, 8800 mAh, and lists assorted HP numbers including "DV2000" so should be the "right" battery. I see no obvous damage and the battery and laptop contacts all look clean. Anything I should try before ordering another battery? -- Dan