HP Elitebook 6930p freezes while running on battery


Dec 5, 2015
Hello all,
I just got finished repairing an HP Elitebook 6930p. All is well except for a fatal flaw-- the computer will instantly freeze indefinitely if I unplug it, and if I boot the system on the battery, it won't log on to Windows-- it'll just freeze. I have tried using different batteries and I've tried numerous hard resets. What could the problem be? I don't think it's a software proble, because even when I was installing Windows it froze a couple of times because I had unplugged it.
I really do need help with this, as the battery is absolutely essential to a laptop (of course it is) and there shouldn't be any reason that this computer should only be used on AC power.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
The batteries connection (not the battery itself) may be damaged or not functioning properly. If this is causing it to give less power than is needed to the device, then it will give you these issues.