Hp Envy 14 vs Dell XPS 15 vs ASUS N53SV


Mar 9, 2011
Hello all,

I'm in for a new laptop soon and would like some advice.

I'll be needing it for engineering at university aka: some CAD, intensive multi-tasking, maybe some light gaming but that's not the concern.

I have my sights set on the i7 sandybridge. I want to have good performance and future-proof myself as much as possible.

My questions:

1. Do you think the XPS 15 and Asus N53SV are portable enough? Not sure I'll have to take them with me everyday, but being 15.6" are they a pain to carry around. My current laptop is a 14.1" and the envy 14 is 14.5" so I know it poses no problem and I bring it to school everyday. Basically: is a 15.6" laptop portable enough for almost daily carrying around?

2. the 15.6" screens come in 1920x1080 or 1366x768. The latter sounds like a crappy resolution. However my fear is that everything on the 1080 will be too small (especially text such as internet and word processing). However I realize you can zoom in your browser as well as word so this shouldn't be a problem? are people having problems with the 1080 in terms of size? is everything too small? Or do you recommend it?

3. The envy is leaving me a bit disappointed as it does not have usb 3.0 or sandybridge. Is a new version coming out soon?

4. Generally, which laptop would you take/consider the best? If the envy got sandybridge and usb 3.0 which would you choose?

5. Can I expect to get around 4 hours word processing on all 3 machines in power saver mode and low brightness?

I'm currently leaning towards the XPS - like the backlit keyboard and arrangement of the ports plus 2x usb 3.0!

Thanks for your opinions