HP G61 Laptop Charging Confusion


Nov 29, 2013
I have an HP G61 Laptop, and when plugged in the indicator light on the front of the laptop says its charging, and the light thats located to the left of the charging port lights up, but Windows doesn't display, or see anything to do with charging it just shows the default battery icon along with the percentage.I have Windows 7 Home Premium, and when i go into the device manager, and disable the Microsoft-ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery , i get a flash of the charging icon before it disables, and when i reable it i again get a charging flash, but then it goes back to the default battery icon. It seems to be charging because it hasent died.
My laptop doesn't change the battery icon while charging compared to when it is on battery, but that might be because it's not running the Windows version it originally shipped with.