Solved! Hp laptop screen turning pink


Dec 13, 2015
(8gb ram , 2gb Nvidia geforce 940m graphics card,2gb intel integrated graphics)
It's been 2 years I am using it
But now it has started showing pink screen after 5 minutes of starting
The pink screen sometimes appears for some seconds and then goes off .

Pls give me reason for this
and any kind of knowledge and advice
And what should i do further ?


Sep 7, 2016
Your laptop trying to turn you into a non masculine person.
with all joke aside. Is it only turn pink when you adjust the screen? The connections could be loosen and follow jarotech. If it also shows the pink color on the external then it's a costly issue.
May 27, 2018
I have the same star wars laptop that i bought when it was released (2016). And to today (may 2018) i got this same problem. Its just one pink line near the bottom of the screen. I connected another displayed to check if it was a gpu issue, but it was not. Im worried its an issue with the lcd display and i might have to replace it. Let me know if u found any solutions for this. Thank you.
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