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  1. as30385

    Question Laptop turns on after multiple attempts

    Additional Information :- My laptop is Acer Predator G3-572 Some months before , it used to take 10 to 15 button pushes to start. Now , it takes sometimes 2 hours of button pressing to start. If it starts and is disconnected to power adapter , predator logo shows and laptop shuts down. This...
  2. L

    Solved! Laptop doesnt turn on after PSoD (Pink Screen of Dead)

    I was playing in my Laptop MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro and suddenly the screen goes pink showing just a pink screen and no errors. Then the laptop turns off and when i try to turn on the laptop doesnt go on.
  3. L

    Pink Screen Flashes

    This is in relation to another post with an issue that I am monitoring. And I do plan to contact the place of purchase that services the warranty I purchased. Unit: MSI GS65, i7 8750H, GTX 1070 Max-Q, 16GB, 512GB Should a brief flash of a pink screen at boot and wake-up be of concern? And...
  4. S

    Solved! Hp laptop screen turning pink

    I have an HP STAR WARS EDITION LAPTOP (8gb ram , 2gb Nvidia geforce 940m graphics card,2gb intel integrated graphics) It's been 2 years I am using it But now it has started showing pink screen after 5 minutes of starting The pink screen sometimes appears for some seconds and then goes off ...
  5. M

    Pink screen on tv when I try to connect hdmi cable.

    Computer screen is broken I'm trying to hook up my computer to my tv via hdmi cable connection.
  6. N

    pink screen, no red and no green anymore

    since i changed the computer body but not the screen i have a pink screen no red and no green not out or in internet thank you for the help you can give me
  7. S

    Solved! Laptop screen has pink lines

    My laptop's screen has pink lines and is shaded pink. Sometimes it looks like it's shaking. I've heard things about changing the refresh rate but I can't even change it, apparently it's on 60p Hz. I don't remember doing anything to damage the laptop recently at all.
  8. R

    Laptop pink screen problems

    I have asus rog G752vs laptop(non k version) : Specs: i7 6700hq, gtx 1070,16gb ddr4 2400mhz ram, 1tb 7200rpm hdd , 17.3 inch FHd gsync screen. When I switch on the laptop from a power off state, I get pink color lines before the OS boots...
  9. J

    Solved! Down Part Half Pink Screen

    So I got this problem just a while ago on my laptop, ( TOSHIBA SATELLITE C50D-A620) I was listening to Spotify then I opened OneNote then suddenly the screen (half of my laptop's screen turned pink! The bottom part) and I'm freaking out because I don't know what to do! Is there anyone knows...
  10. P

    Pink ghosting images

    Had a bunch of malware removed/ cleaned up, but still have a pink screen and ghosting on my laptop, any suggestions?
  11. T

    Asus Laptop Screen Green Tint and Pink Afterimage??

    I recently bought an Asus Q551L, but the warranty has expired because it has passed the 90-day expiration. The laptop suddenly became tinted green, as well has having Pink 'afterimages' burned into the screen after the pixels on the screen change. Due to the pink images, I often find it a little...
  12. A

    Laptop Monitor Pink and green Screen

    My laptop is a Dell N5050 which i received as a gift. ...Few days ago while i was Playing a game on it the screen suddenly turned into pink. I thought that it was a effect in game and carried on for about five mins. then even after i quit it the screen stayed pink(on white areas) and green (on...
  13. M

    Solved! Laptop went to a pink screen. What to do?

    I have a Lenovo yoga 500, I left it on sleep mode and came back after 5 minutes with a pink screen. It leaves traces when ever I would change into another window. I've reset it three times, still the same. Can someone please help, this is frustrating.
  14. G

    Lenovo G710 - Problem with LCD? Pink/green flickering

    Hello, I was hoping somebody could help me diagnose what I suspect may be an LCD problem. I have had my Lenovo G710 for around two and a half years now, and in terms of speed, reliability etc. it has worked perfectly, in part due to me upgrading the RAM and HDD to an SSD around a year ago...
  15. M

    Screen goes all crazy, purple and green

    My wife's laptop has started doing some crazy stuff. The screen will randomly turn purple and green, and the colors move all over the place. (See the photo). I have no idea what it could be. Her laptop is an HP Pavilion Notebook, Intel i7, windows 10. It's a couple years old I think. The...
  16. C

    My laptop screen went blackout but has color pink green and black

    This happend to me earlier i was playing some games in my laptop then when i was playing the screen went purple the it like flashed at me then i can only see a little bit better on the upper part of my laptop screen please idk what to do?!?! Little backround: -my pc screen is has pink...
  17. A

    Black,white,green,and pink lines appear when i move the lid of the laptop

    I have a hp touchscreen laptop. Whenever the lid of the computer is moved moving black and white lines appear. Sometimes the screen freezes and pink and green lines appear also. What might be the cause of this? Will I have to replace the screen?
  18. J

    i lost my iphone it's been gone for all most a week and i don't have money for another one it's dead please help me.

    its has a flip pink screen on it's black and its a 4s phone it also has chinese fortunes in it please help it's almost summer!!!!!!!1
  19. T

    Lenovo Y50 green screen with appearing and disappearing red vertical lines

    Hello. First time on the forum. I need help. I have had my Lenovo Y50 laptop for about 4 or 5 months now. Got it from Best Buy for a discount price (Lenovo had organized a discount for a lot of its products at the time, the Y50 was 40% off). Everything has been working alright. Well, before the...
  20. I

    Green and pink (And sometimes black) Flickering on my gaming laptop. Any solutions?

    So i recently bought a gaming laptop from ebay (the seller had almost 100% positive reviews from around 2,000 people) and for the first week it was everything i wanted. However, recently it's started to do this thing where it will flash the screen with pink and green stripes on part of the...
  21. A

    Updated to windows 10 flickers screen

    I just updated to windows 10 and then I reseted the whole computer and once it got done it booted up and I heard the little start up sound mid way of it playing a purple/pink screen comes up flickering and I'm able to see little circles I could rarely see them and I'm unable to go into safe mode...
  22. C

    Lenovo G500s - Whole screen has become pink/purple

    I have Lenovo g500s notebook with windows 10. After switching on my laptop today, my laptop screen has turned pink/purple with vertical white lines. And only a small horizontal portion on top is coming in normal colors. Even during boot up, the original black background is coming as green...
  23. A

    Toshiba P55W-B5224 with red stripped screen

    Hi, I've had this model for a year now and it has been working ok until this morning when I opened it and the screen had a red colour. Sometimes it displays some strips as well. I restarted it but the problem is still there. After 10 minutes on, the colour changed from red to light green and...
  24. Curls

    Video Card problem with Acer Aspire 4339 laptop.

    Sooo, for a while now. (Literally a year now) My screen has literally pink and green pixels everywhere. It seems like it's becoming worse and worse slowly, honestly. First there was only pink pixels on it, but very little. Then, it started getting worse, and the pink pixels started to appear...
  25. NoizyBoyStatic

    MSI GE60 pink/purple tinted screen flashes then stays

    I bought a MSI GE60 Apache Pro spent 1300 dollars on it and upgrading it with a SSD and 16GB of ram, sadly doing this I had to remove a sticker which voided the warranty which really sucks. I bought it brand new off Amazon, Ive only had it for about 2 months. I don't know if I got a defective...
  26. M

    my screen sayes 100 percent loaded do not cut off

    I have a toshiba laptop i cut it on it tells me 100 percent downloaded do not cut off but thats all its a pink screen and a loading sign what can i do to fix it
  27. K

    Pink Screen on my Desktop

    I'm actually using a lenovo laptop.. how can i fix it? It looks like it might be green sometimes with pink lines i guess.. can anyone answer please?
  28. M

    Please guys can somebody help me i have a problem with pink screen and i dont know how to fix it..... IMPORTANT there is the link photo of my desktop with opened sony vegas . :D
  29. W

    My phone shows a pink screen when i turn it on help!!!

    I got a huawei telecom and i was listening to some music inside the shower and then when i try to turn it on it turns pink what should i do my mum is going to get mad D:
  30. S

    Sony Vaio laptop with a pink screen

    I got my laptop as a christmas present last year so the guarantee has now run out. It has been great for the first couple of months, until the last month or so, where everytime i turn the laptop on the screen is pink. All of the white bits of the screen have now turned pink. Does anyone know...
  31. T

    Pink Screen

    Hello, I am using an HP Pavillion Entertainment PC. Last night I was online and everything was fine and suddenly the whole screen went bright pink. There was no other option but to force a manual shutdown by powering off. On startup, the screen had vertical green and blue lines. Recovery options...