Updated to windows 10 flickers screen


May 4, 2016
I just updated to windows 10 and then I reseted the whole computer and once it got done it booted up and I heard the little start up sound mid way of it playing a purple/pink screen comes up flickering and I'm able to see little circles I could rarely see them and I'm unable to go into safe mode or open task manger please help I just see a screen that flickers and circles moving really weird (Becuz screen is flickering) and my mouse cursor
Please help

Here are some troubleshooting steps that may help. First, do connect an external monitor and see if the display will be normal on it or not. If the display is normal on the external monitor, try to do a clean install of the graphics card driver.

Here's the link for a complete guide on how to do a clean install of the GPU driver.

If this will not work try to do a clean install of the Windows 10.

Here's how to create a bootable Windows 10 USB or disc:

Here's a complete guide to install Windows 10: