HP laptop won’t boot most of the time and now I get error messages when I try to create a system image. I already backed up m?


Dec 28, 2017
The booting problem started when the computer was 6 months old and has got to the point where I am not sure it will boot again so I leave it on. I also got a virus that I removed eventually by running malwarebytes. I think the virus did a lot of damage while it was in the computer and to my dispair I can’t make a system image on my external drive for reboot because of errors I get. I made copy of my files to a flash drive but can’t boot from that so what do I do?
Thank you
David K


Question from dnlkramer : "Hp response to my problems"

If you already copied your files out, do a factory restore on the system using the restore partition, you don't need to do an image. A factory restore will wipe the drive and set it up like it was new. Or are you getting errors when you try that also? What errors? You may be dealing with a bad hard drive not an issue caused by a virus.