HP Notebook 15 doesn't like 2nd HDD

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Jul 28, 2016
Hello all,

The notebook is an HP 15-ay013nr.

It came with Windows 10 preloaded on an SSD for the system drive.

I removed the optical drive and installed a WD 750GB in a hard drive caddy to use as a second data drive.

The problem is that when I boot the computer, SOMETIMES the second HDD does not show up in neither disk manager nor device manager.

SOMETIMES it will show up, but when I try to access the drive from explorer, the system hangs for a few seconds and then the drive disappears from explorer, disappears from disk manager and disappears from device manager. Windows log shows that the drive was surprise removed.

The only way I can fix it is to reboot. Most of the time, after one reboot the drive works fine and I can access data on it. Sometimes two or more reboots are necessary. Once the drive starts working, it works without flaw for hours and hours, however long I leave the computer running.

Here is what I have tried:

- I have replaced the second HDD with a known-good drive
- I have tried a different caddy
- Windows 10 is fully updated
- All drivers are fully updated according to Windows update.
- I have manually searched the HP website for updated drivers. None are available.
- I updated the BIOS to the newest version.
- I have increased the boot delay time in the BIOS to give the drive more time to spin up and initialize.
- I have ensured that the caddy is fully inserted and that the SATA connectors are firmly connected.
- I have uninstalled the drive from device manager and let Windows reinstall it.
- The drive passes SMART test

Any ideas?
Not open for further replies.