hp pavilion-15 cc129tx vs asus s510 bq218t

Feb 11, 2018
I am so much confused between these two please
I need for graphics desgining and web designing.
Doesn't require any high specs
Please suggest me which one to prefer in US according to their performance .
And one more important thing after 4 years what will be the resale value of both of them if any idea?


Assuming that these are the laptops you're considering (found on Amazon IN):



... then I fully understand your confusion. They are very close to identical, but there are a few differences. The ASUS is the lighter option (1.7 kg vs 3 kg) and it can be expanded to as much as 32GB of RAM if needed. The HP offers better battery life - HP claim 9 hours, but this version is probably closer to 7. The ASUS was tested by PCWorld in November 2017 and they were not impressed with the 5 hours they managed to squeeze out of the ASUS:

NOTE: The version tested by PCWorld was fitted with a 7th-gen CPU and no dedicated GPU. Even with a more efficient 8th-gen CPU I doubt that the ASUS you're considering will have better battery life mainly because of the added MX150 GPU.

Other than that both machines will be able to handle graphics and web design without problems. The ASUS is more expensive, but it does offer a better GPU. It will be easier to lug around, but battery life is likely to be very poor.

As for resale value: I have no idea what people in your country are willing to pay for a 4-year-old laptop - no matter the brand or the specs.


1. I would ultimately recommend the ASUS. Although I doubt you'll ever need to expand RAM capacity for your kind of work, it is nice to know you can. The HP may have longer battery life, but it's slightly heavier, too.

2. The ASUS also has the better GPU, so it would score higher than the 940MX unit in the HP. This is also worth considering if you want to sell it after 4 years. The 940MX GPU is old today, and it will obviously be even older 4 years from now, so you'll stand a much better chance of finding buyers for an MX150 laptop. Again, how much they would be willing to pay, I don't know.

3. As for support, in Europe and North America HP are likely to offer a more extensive support system than ASUS. This includes the option to talk to actual people, on-site problem-solving, and easier access to spare parts. This shouldn't deter you from buying ASUS products, but ASUS seem to rely on automated online support exclusively, and any technical issues are usually solved by replacing the whole laptop rather than maintaining a costly parts inventory.

I can't offer any opinion about the rest of the world.

Feb 11, 2018

Ok got it thank you so much


Mar 10, 2013
I'm also confused between this two laptops which i should i go for. The advantage with the asus one is that it has a better graphics card and we can also attach an ssd within it which really enhances the performance a lot and its also very sleek and light weight but it misses out on the ethernet port and the DVD drive. The HP one have a better speaker, and have those ethernet and DVD drive but we can't attach an ssd here, if any then we can replace the origival 1tb hdd with an ssd. I hope i should go with the asus but it missing the ethernet port and dvd drive will be a concern?

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