HP Pavilion DV6-1450ei vs HP Pavilion G6 vs Lenovo G570


May 16, 2012
Hi Folks,

I’m wondering if I should replace my HP Pavilion DV6-1450ei for either an:
1.) HP Pavilion G6 or 2.) Lenovo G570

The main considerations are that my HP DV6-1450ei has a Pentium Dual-Core T4400 while both the HP G6 and Lenovo G570 have Core i5 Processor.

Currently my DV6 has been running poorly since I only have 2GB of RAM, however I can always add ram to it...

Assuming RAM being equal how much more noticeable performance I would get from the Core i5 processor?

My main activities are programming in Visual Studio 2010 / MSSQL/MySQL.
I often multi task, having multiple browsers tabs open, MS Word and Photoshop running as well as Visual Studio.

My question is: for my type of usage, would I see a significant performance increase with the i5 Processor (both with 4GB of RAM)?
Or will the extra power from the i5 never really be felt since, it won’t really be used?
Most of the time my CPU usage is medium...so I don’t know if the extra CPU power will really help...?

My main concern is speed....so I’m assuming that all other things being equal the i5 is faster...

However my current DV6-1450 is a nicer build than my above two options and has an ATI Radeon HD 4530 Graphics card (which I think is better that the Intel Graphic accelerator included in the above options)... However I rarely game... But I guess ATI Card helps with Video and DVD playback... which might be useful to me as I might do some video editing and rendering...

So, I’m wondering if for the extra processor power its worth for me to give up on the DV6-1450 with the ATI Radeon HD 4530 Graphics Card for the above two options, considering the above two options are ‘lower class’ laptops, but have a better processor....

Will I really benefit with the new i5 processor, or should I just add RAM to my laptop and keep the "better quality" one...


What do you all say?
Thanks for your help?


Both HP Pavilion and Lenovo G570 will be faster because of the i5 processor. They are similar laptops however the Lenovo has been having great reviews. You will see a noticeable difference in performance from your previous laptop. I had to make the same decision and I chose the Lenovo and it has not let me down; good value for top performance. I got it for £449 which is great value for money.

I recommend the Lenovo however they are very similar laptops and there wont be much difference between them. Hope I helped!
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