HP Pavilion Touchscreen laptop Windows Refreshing Constantly / Flickering


Feb 28, 2016
I've been at this problem for 2 weeks straight now. This began recently as I noticed the desktop icons flickering (just the icons). The keyboard was slow and sometimes unresponsive. I would open a browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox) and they all began constantly refreshing. In fact, any window that would open would refresh constantly (Device Manager, Task Manager, File Manager). Here's what I've done and yes, some of it has been extreme:

- Checked all keyboard keys for a "stuck" key
- Checked keyboard settings to make sure nothing was up in "sticky" keys
- Uninstalled keyboard driver... rebooted... reinstalled
- Checked all graphics drivers and BIOS (all up to date)
- Booted into Safe Mode... problem still there
- Restored system to an earlier date
- Refreshed Windows 10
- Reinstalled Windows 10
- Went back and reinstalled Windows 8 (both from a recovery drive and from a fresh CD)
- Tried multiple ideas from other websites
- Changed refresh rate
- Uninstalled all HP software
- Checked USB ports and drivers

Nothing has changed. The issue still remains!
NOW... here's the REALLY weird part. Today, I'm working on it and have notepad open.
The computer begins to paste the current TIME and DATE there over and over again!
I think this might be the root cause of the issue IF I can figure out what's causing the paste action to happen.

If anyone has seen this before, please, for my sanity.... help!


EDIT: First solution looks viable. I tried unjamming the F5 before, but I had not tried blowing out the keyboard. I will update in a little after I try this solution.

You mentioned that when you open notepad it paste the date and time right? The problem is a stuck key (the F5 key) that's causing it to paste the date and time again and again. Do open On screen keyboard and press F5 from there and see if the refreshing will stop. If this will not work unfortunately you'll need to replace the keyboard itself but do first try to blow a compressed air on the F5 key and see if that will work or not.