HP Pavillion DV 6000 Keyboard not working after replacement

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Jan 16, 2016
I was asked to repair an HP Pavilion DV6000 running Windows Vista with a malfunctioning shift key. After investigating the issue, it seemed like the keyboard would need to be replaced.

I purchased a replacement online, and performed the repair. To my vexation, the new keyboard did not work. I reinstalled the original keyboard, only to find that it no longer worked either. Unfortunately, I did not operate the machine immediately before attempting the repair, so I can not say for certain that my repair is the cause for the malfunction.

At first I suspected an operating system issue. However, I am unable to use the keyboard to access the bios screen, so it would appear to be OS independent. I am able to use a USB keyboard to operate the machine instead.

The removal and install was simple, and as far as I know nothing went wrong. No parts appear to be broken.

Can anyone recommend any further diagnostic steps or possible repairs?

My thanks for your time, and my apologies for the trouble.
I would say it's possible because I'vwe unpacked brand new ones which don't work. I doubt, however, that the manufacturer would agree with you if asked to stump up for a replacement motherboard and the fixing charges.


Mar 31, 2016
Really? Didn't think of that...

Ok thanks, just gonna buy a new Keyboard.

At least then the Motherboard shoud be ok, that would be a bit more expensive...