HTC One Mini or Nexus 4


Oct 23, 2013
Looking for a new phone, I appreciate having a good display (Play 1080p movies on the go), lots of horsepower (Gaming, multitasking and such) and good design. I'm leaning towards the One Mini, as it has an excellent design, awesome speakers, and apparently enough horsepower to run games. Or are there other phones you would recommend (I live in Finland, and I would buy it used) in the similar range of price/performance

Thanks in advance :)


Feb 29, 2012
I'd put it down to the software. the HTC will have more software "features" but will likely not get any major updates in the future. the Nexus however whilst being more subdued in software will have much longer update support which will be better in the long run. I have the Nexus 4 myself and I prefer it to my old HTC Desire S which was running Sense, an overlay that HTC puts over stock android. whilst sense adds a few features it does slow the phone down at times and means that HTC would have to put in effort to reskin and recode the new version of Android before they release it to their phones, something that HTC dont seem to do a lot of.