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Clifford L Sanford

Mar 25, 2019
FYI: The website would not allow a “Question” exceeding 12 characters.
I have what seems to be really odd problem with a Sabrent Hub Hub HB-UMP3 and a HP laptop running Windows 10. A few weeks ago the backup software began failing to perform the backups at the morning start up of the laptop. It was found that the cause was the inability to detect the flash drive connected to the hub. To get the hub detected it has become necessary to quickly switch off and on any of the 4 ports. Oddly each of the ports when in use and connected to a device, has to be toggled off and on for it's specific port. More oddly this problem can only occur when the hub is connected to it's 5v 2.5 amp AC/DC adapter. Oddly the port indicator LED's light up irregardless of whether the hub is running on the Adapter or just the PC. The intensity of the LED's are consistent in both situations. I measured the adapter and found that it is delivering a full 5 volts under a no load condition. Once the PC reports success in connecting the hub functions normally. Anyone else encountered this? It appears to me at this point that the symptoms describe points to being both a hardware and or a software defect.